CHINA CONFERENCE - Building Cooperation, Managing Conflicts

China has become a key partner of Southeast Asia in trade, investment and infrastructure development. Southeast Asian economies have gained tremendously from China’s strong economic growth over the past two decades, which has seen solid Chinese demand boost commodity prices and foster a thriving regional production network.

Relations are poised to grow even stronger in the coming decade. The Asian Development Bank estimates emerging economies across Asia will need to invest as much as US$26 trillion in building transport and smart city networks, eradicating poverty and tackling climate change. China’s game-changing Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) will also have major implications for the region.

However, Southeast Asia’s growing economic linkages with China present not just development opportunities, but also the risk that countries in the region will become dependent on their larger neighbour. How can both sides cooperate better for win-win outcomes that ensure regional growth and peace?

South China Morning Post’s China Conference, spanning the infrastructure, finance and tech sectors, will bring together thought leaders in politics, business and academia to share ideas on the paths ahead.